Health and Fitness Facilities

Many fitness and health facility members lose motivation quickly without support and encouragement. The Heart Tech Plus system is a technology-enabled motivation and engagement management hardware and software platform for “smart” fitness. The system uses wearable technologies that lead to personal health and fitness growth for both your club members and your club programs, from personal training to group exercise.

Our system is proven to not only help your clients reach and maintain goals but to help your facility experience a higher volume of class participation and member retention.

Realtime Data Collection

No downloading required to view metrics

Individual and Group Views

Teachers can access individuals or groups at any time

Flexibility for Ease of Use

Students and parents can track progress online at home

Power for Large Groups

Monitor up to 100 users at one time

Reliable Hardware and Software

Two year warranty for peace of mind

How it Works

Step 1
The Heart Tech Plus platform works with EKG-accurate optical sensors worn on the arm rather than the chest. This wearable technology not only helps users to reach and maintain their goals—it also promotes participation.
Step 2
No need to stay indoors, the Heart Tech Plus platform is designed to be completely mobile and wireless, allowing you to take your fitness group outside to enjoy any activity. Even without WiFi the system can display and store live biofeedback for your class.
Step 3
By viewing each participant's data live, instructors can more effectively teach their class - and students are able to make the necessary changes to achieve the most efficient workout for them.

Industry Leading Fitness Tracking Equipment

Discover the smart tracking capabilities of the SENSR 2.0 fitness sensor paired with the Group Fitness App.

SENSR-2.0 Fitness Activity Monitor

Fitness Tracking Optical Sensor

Some information detailing how the SENSR 2.0 unit works great for group fitness.

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Advanced Tracking Technologies

Some info that reviews how the Group App works well for group classes and etcetera.

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Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Reports include max heart rates, average heart rates, time in/above/below target rate, calories, and color coded graph displays.

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Encourage Participation

Foster Improvement

Team Building

Detailed Feedback

Easy to Use

Reports Include

  • Max Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Time In - Above - Below Target Zone
  • Line Curve with Color-Coded Background
  • Time In Zone Color-Coded Bar Chart
  • Calories Burned
  • Automatic E-Mail Reporting
  • Percentage of Max HR

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Heart Tech Plus Group Fitness Solution

The Heart Tech Plus System combines smart wearable technology with robust software that works together to simultaneously measure, track and correlate the user's health data. This allows instructors, trainers, coaches and teachers to assist members or students with achieving individual results during group fitness activity.

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