Heart Tech Plus is a leader in the heart rate monitor and pedometer (accelerometer) industry, striving to be a force in personal wellness, weight management and the fight against obesity. Heart Tech Plus offers a clean and concise line of products that are affordable, easy to understand and simple to use. In addition, our full line of high-quality products are all covered by the best warranty in the industry. Heart Tech Plus is an advocate in implementing effective physical education programs that use fitness development tools to teach kids and adults about the importance of being healthy. Heart Tech Plus can be used for health navigation across all ages and fitness abilities. Finally, along with our stellar product line, we also believe in the ancient art of customer service, for which we continue to receive great praise.

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Using the Heart Tech Plus system can lead to health and fitness growth for your club members. This system can also be beneficial for personal trainers and in group fitness classes. Click the link below to learn about the benefits of using the Heart Tech Plus platform.

The Heart Tech system is simple and fun to use that provides instant feedback that safely motivates students of all ability levels. Click the link below to learn about how the Heart Tech Plus platform can positively impact your physical education program.

Students, in addition to fitness enthusiasts, can now train at home on their own time! Heart Tech Plus has officially released the HTP Home app. Click the link below to learn how you can take advantage of this game changing technology!