Heart Tech Plus is a leader in the heart rate monitor and pedometer (accelerometer) industry, striving to be a force in personal wellness, weight management and the fight against obesity. Heart Tech Plus offers a clean and concise line of products that are affordable, easy to understand and simple to use. In addition, our full line of high-quality products are all covered by the best warranty in the industry. Heart Tech Plus is an advocate in implementing effective physical education programs that use fitness development tools to teach kids and adults about the importance of being healthy. Heart Tech Plus can be used for health navigation across all ages and fitness abilities. Finally, along with our stellar product line, we also believe in the ancient art of customer service, for which we continue to receive great praise.


Heart Tech Plus has become a critical part of our Physical Education program. The instant feedback of the monitor projection system has created a positive culture of self improvement where my students have gained a better understanding of what hard work looks like because of the multitiered HR system that Heart Tech Plus provides for feedback including the colored lights, the vibration between zones, and the projection friendly system that allows my students to see their work in real time. 

I’ve also been deeply grateful for Rich and his team who have been willing to jump on a Zoom call when we need tech support with the initial launch of the program. Rich has been willing to text and call in order to ensure that we’ve been satisfied with our experience which has been an immense help that other companies do not provide. 

I could not support Heart Tech Plus enough. If you are considering heart rate monitors for your school program you cannot go wrong with HTP. 

Chris Babb

Lander Middle School Lander, WY

Since utilizing the Heart Tech monitors during our adapted physical classes:

Our students are able to visually see their heart rates as they are running on the indoor track and many of them are able to maintain twenty minutes in MVPA during their exercise session. Students are much more aware of their appropriate intensity during cardiovascular activity and their motivation to exercise has increased tremendously.

John Benkis M.Ed.

Physical Education Teacher Riverview School East Sandwich, MA

Our district purchased 12 class sets, which includes 360 heart rate monitors, to outfit 4 of our secondary schools. Finally we have objective data to demonstrate everything we do for and with students in physical education! We chose the Heart Tech Plus system due to its capabilities, affordability, and student data security. We love the Heart Tech Plush system because their customer service is beyond incredible. The customer service team is experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely quick to reply. You will not be disappointed with the Heart Tech Plush System! 

Tony Loomis – 

Tony Loomis

Administrator and physical education teacher Past President CT SHAPE

“The Heart Tech Plus system has drastically improved my physical education program. Students love the projection and are able to track their physical activity levels throughout class. This has motivated my students to move more in class and Heart Tech Plus has helped my students take ownership of their learning.”

Brad Hull

SHAPE America Middle School District Teacher of the Year

“I just purchased the Heart Tech Plus arm sensors. They have all the perks that a competitor has, but they really worked with me and my budget, and the customer service is terrific. I was first interested in another company, but I couldn’t get a return call or email. I emailed Heart Tech at 7 pm over the holiday, and I had a zoom call and a quote within an hour! What I also really like about Heart Tech Plus is that my students can download an app on their own phone and do a workout, and it will show up on my class data page. This is great for our kids that are learning remote! I think it is worth your time to check it out!”

Terri Johnston

High School PE Teacher

As an elementary school Physical Education teacher for over eleven years; the need for objective measures to prove the quality of my program has become more important than ever.  I have been involved with activity trackers for fifteen years and have used both chest and optical based heart rate monitors with my students. Five years ago I made the switch from a chest based, group heart rate system, to the Heart Tech Plus optical group system. This change was not easy for me as I know the importance of accurate and valid tools for measurement. Once I felt the level of technology was matching chest based accuracy, I was confident that this change would have a huge impact on my class and student learning. The use of the Heart Tech Plus system has been revolutionary with its group system capabilities, its secure and encrypted web-portal for student data reporting, and now the @Home App, which has been developed since the onset of COVID 19. This system allows for an increase of activity time, a decrease in transition time and the flexibility to take the technology home. As an educator I can utilize the web-portal to review my student data from anywhere in the world and build robust reports to show program impact on the students engagement. The importance of physical activity and health enhancing movement has never been greater than now. Students are being forced to sit in front of a screen all day to receive their schooling so the need for research and outcomes based Physical Education is at a premium. SHAPE America shines light on the importance of Moderate to Vigorous physical activity comprising at least fifty percent of your class time with students. In our new remote world achieving this level of movement in an isolated setting takes proper planning and technology integration to ensure students are meeting or exceeding these recommendations. Heart Tech Plus is the only system on the market that is totally versatile for the administrator, educator, and student; who may not know what the near future holds for their educational environment. 

Karen Parker

Elementary PE Teacher

“I like wearing the heart rate monitors because they motivate people to get a higher heart rate and get more points so they don’t try to slack and so they can do more.”


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Using the Heart Tech Plus system can lead to health and fitness growth for your club members. This system can also be beneficial for personal trainers and in group fitness classes. Click the link below to learn about the benefits of using the Heart Tech Plus platform.

The Heart Tech system is simple and fun to use that provides instant feedback that safely motivates students of all ability levels. Click the link below to learn about how the Heart Tech Plus platform can positively impact your physical education program.

Students, in addition to fitness enthusiasts, can now train at home on their own time! Heart Tech Plus has officially released the HTP Home app. Click the link below to learn how you can take advantage of this game changing technology!