Heart Tech Plus Smart Fitness Tracking Solutions

The Heart Tech Plus System combines smart wearable technology with robust software that works together to simultaneously measure, track and correlate the user's health data. This allows instructors, trainers, coaches and teachers to assist members or students with achieving individual results during group fitness activity.

Discover Group Fitness Solutions

Optical Sensor

Waterproof sensor measures heart rate, steps, and cycling cadence.

Advanced Technology

Ant+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible technology.

Versatile & Engaging

Wireless and flexible for any class or environment.

Progress Tracking

Track individual user progress over time.

Data Security

HIPAA compliant web portal allows secure access.

SENSR-2.0 Fitness Activity Monitor

Fitness Tracking Optical Sensor

The Heart Tech Plus sensor measures heart rate, steps, and cycling cadence to provide accurate fitness metrics. IP68 Waterproofing, and a Dual-Mode processor allow you to track the most rigorous activities with ease!

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Advanced Tracking Technologies

Live biofeedback allows each individual to see what is happening inside their own body and motivates members to work harder, faster and longer, while the data storage capabilities make it possible for members to track their progress.

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Fitness Classes

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Education and Youth Fitness

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Individual Fitness

Individual Fitness

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