Levergaging the Benefits of Heart Rate Tracking

Heart Tech Plus' founder, Doug's interest in measuring fitness by monitoring heart rate started in 2001.As he trained for multiple endurance rides on both upright and recumbent bicycles, he became convinced of the importance of getting more people, especially school age children, to understand the usefulness of heart rate for measuring physical fitness. Working with physical education teachers nationally and locally, he has gathered information to refine the HTP system, such as including metrics for “moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA)” so that objective measures of school age children’s fitness can be measured.

Meet the Leadership Team

The Heart Tech Plus team members are athletes, teachers, and health experts. Read on to get to know our leadership team!

Doug Davis


Rich Butterworth, M.Ed

Customer Support

Cory Mortensen

Director of Operations

Dave Lien

Coordinator of Software Development

Charita Menne

Office Manager

Spark Labs

Software Development

Heart Tech Plus Group Fitness Solution

The Heart Tech Plus System combines smart wearable technology with robust software that works together to simultaneously measure, track and correlate the user's health data. This allows instructors, trainers, coaches and teachers to assist members or students with achieving individual results during group fitness activity.

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