Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Sensr 2.0 battery last?

The battery lasts 8 hours on average and is rechargeable via USB.

How long does the Sensr 4.0 battery last?

The battery lasts 20 hours on average and is rechargeable via USB.

How long does it take to charge the Sensr 2.0 and/or Sensr 4.0?

The sensors are known to charge extremely fast. After a few hours, they should be fully charged.

What kind of straps do the Sensr 2.0 and Sensr 4.0 use?

The straps are VELCRO and they are machine washable.

Does the Sensr 2.0 and Sensr 4.0 track steps?

Yes. They keep track of total steps and steps per minute.

How does the 3 zone lights work on the Sensr 4.0?

The Sensr 4.0 will blink blue if a user’s heart rate is 119 BPM or lower. The Sensr 4.0 will blink green if a user’s heart rate is 120-179 BPM. The Sensr 4.0 will blink red if a user’s heart rate is 180 BPM or higher.

Can I use the same sensors throughout the entire day for all classes?

Yes! If you purchased 30 sensors, you can use them for all classes. You can assign the same sensor to different students in other classes.

How do I number my sensors?

Heart Tech Plus recommends purchasing numbered stickers that you can place on top of each sensor. Reach out to a Heart Tech Plus team member if you’d like recommendations on which stickers to purchase.

Is the new charging/storage case compatible with the Sensr 2.0?

No. The new charging/storage case is only compatible with the Sensr 4.0.

How long does the HUB/WASP battery last?

The HUB/WASP can usually last an entire day. However, you can also use the HUB/WASP while it is plugged in, which can be effective so you don’t have to worry about the battery going dead during class.

What is the HUB/WASP range when using the Group Fitness System?

The HUB/WASP has a standard range of 60 meters. Is most cases, a single HUB/WASP can cover an entire gym. For larger areas, multiple HUB’s/WASP’s can link together to extend the coverage area.

What is the estimated cost for everything I need in order to use the Group Fitness System?

For a class set of 30 Sensr 4.0’s, a charging/storage case, 1 HUB/WASP, and a web portal license, the cost would be approximately $3,870.

Can the Group Fitness System be used outdoors?

Yes. However, range may be limited. With a single HUB/WASP and our new Sensr 4.0, the range can be about 50-75 yards.

Is a license required for ongoing use of the Group Fitness System?

Yes. There is a one time license fee of $750. All future updates and upgrades are free of charge.

How would I create my classes?

You create all of your classes in the web portal. It is very easy to do.

How do I get my sensors to work?

In the web portal, you would create a sensor set. In the sensor set, you would input each sensor’s udid number. Each udid number is unique to each sensor which is how they get detected with the Group Fitness System.

How do I get my students in the web portal?

You can download a user import template in the web portal. This is where you fill out user information (student ID, nickname, maximum heart rate, etc.). Once the template gets filled out, you can easily import this document to the web portal.

Can more than one teacher use the same web portal?

Yes! When you create classes, you will select which teacher has that particular class. When teachers log in, they will only see their classes. Teachers have their own individual log ins, but they can use the same web portal.

How do I get my data to upload in the Group Fitness System?

After you have finished a class in the Group Fitness System, you can upload all of this data to the web portal with a tap of a single button! Data will upload instantly to the web portal for the teacher to view.

How do I get my data to upload in the HOME app?

If you have purchased a web portal license, upon pressing “End and Save Workout,” all data from that workout will instantly upload to the web portal.

What platforms does the Group Fitness System run on?

It is limited to iOS and can be used on an iPhone or iPad. An iPad 2 or newer is required.

How does the Group System Work?

With the help of the HUB/WASP, all information can be projected on a wall or screen during class. Students will be able to see their “live” data throughout the entire class that will include heart rate, MVPA time, calories, points, and percent of heart rate max.

Do student names have to be projected during class?

No! You have an option to give students “nicknames” so their names are not shown. This is a great way to help with confidentiality.

What do the points mean with the Group System?

Users can earn points and they refresh every minute.

  • Exercising in the blue zone (40%-50% of MHR): 1 point/minute.
  • Exercising in the green zone (50%-60% of MHR): 2 points/minute.
  • Exercising in the yellow zone (60%-75% of MHR): 3 points/minute.
  • Exercising in the orange zone (75%-90% of MHR): 4 points/minute.
  • Exercising in the red zone (90%-100% of MHR): 5 points/minute.

What platforms does the HOME app run on?

You can use the HOME app on both iOS and Android devices.

Can the HTP HOME app be used without a heart rate sensor?

Yes! If your device has a built in accelerometer, the app will keep track of your steps per minute (SPM) and total steps along with points and approximate distance. If a user is moving at a rate of 120 SPM or higher, the HOME app will also give the user MVPA time. All data can still be uploaded to the web portal easily.

Can I purchase just a web portal license so my students can take advantage of the HTP HOME app without using a heart rate sensor?

Yes! You can just buy a web portal license, which is $750, and students can complete Steps Only workouts and all data can still go to the web portal for the teacher to view.

What do points mean in a Steps workout with the HOME app?

Users can earn points and they refresh every minute.

  • 100 SPM or less: 1 point/minute
  • 100-120 SPM: 2 points/minute
  • 120-140 SPM: 3 points/minute
  • 140-160 SPM: 4 points/minute
  • 160 SPM or more: 5 points/minute


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