Android Pairing Tip for the HTP HOME App

Are you using the HTP HOME app with an older Android phone and cannot pair your sensor?


Try the following:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Upon signing into the app, accept ALL permissions (Bluetooth, physical activity, pedometer, location).
  3. If you still cannot pair, go to the Workouts page (skip the pairing process) and click on any workout. Upon getting to the Confirm Sensors page, press “CONFIRM” and do not select a Heart rate or Steps sensor.
  4. Press “START WORKOUT.”
  5. An alert should pop up asking you about location permissions. Allow this!
  6. Swipe to Pause/Finish the workout. Press “DISCARD WORKOUT.”
  7. In the HTP HOME app, go to Settings, Paired Sensors. Press “Add Sensor.” Turn on your heart rate monitor and press “PAIR.”
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