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3 zone Lights, 8 Hr Memory, Magnetic USB Charger, and 5 Year WarrantyScreen Shot 2020-01-17 at 11.38.37 AM

Sensr 4.0 (contact HTP for bulk and individual pricing)

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The Sensr 4.0 heart rate armband uses optical heart rate technology provided by Valencell, which offers accurate heart r ...
HTP Group Class Pack3 zone Lights, 8 Hr Memory, Magnetic USB Charger, and 5 Year Warranty

Group System 30 Class Pack Contact HTP for Pricing

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The Group System Class Pack is everything you need in order to use the Heart Tech Plus system in your classes! The class ...
Strap for Sensr

Sensr 4.0 Elastic Straps, Small (5 Pack)

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Black replacement straps for the Sensr 4.0 armband heart rate monitor. Each order contains 5 small replacement s ...

Hornet/Battery Pack

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The hornet/battery pack is a new portable, standalone unit providing a bridge for ANT+ devices, such as the Sensr 2.0 an ...
case open

Charging/Storage/ Storage Case

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charging case

Current Customer Promotional Upgrade Offer

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This promotional offer is for current customers only that want to upgrade to the Sensr 4.0. For a limited time only, cur ...
HTP Group Class PackCS open with sensr

Class pack for 15 students (Includes charging/storage case, 15 sense 4.0, 1 Hornet, 45 straps, and lifetime license

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With this charging/storage case, you no longer have to worry about cords getting tangled or whether or not you connected ...
Group App DemoBrad Hull & Rich Butterworth present an overview of the Heart Tech Plus Platform

Web Portal License (Contact Heart Tech Plus for pricing)

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The Heart Tech Plus web portal provides customers with the opportunity to track workouts and generate reports based on ...